Car spraying services in Maghera, Northern Ireland

Does your car need paintwork? Look no further and bring it to Heaney Motor Co in Maghera. We offer top quality painting services to clients across the UK and Northern Ireland.

Paint shop at Heaney Motor Co

Once your car’s fabrication is complete, it will be moved to our paint shop. We use lead where possible to keep the use of plastic filler to a minimum. Once the filling is complete we apply 2K primers, and then prepare the area or shell to be painted.

Priming work

Your car is primed using an etched primer and then a very high-quality 2 pack primer. It is then coated in a fine black dust and flatted down by hand using wet and dry papers – any imperfections are shown up by the dust and are then rectified. After this process, your car is ready to be painted.

Painting work

Your car is then put into our Saico low bake spray booth, were they are masked and taped in preparation for the final paint work. All vehicles, whether they be a straight colour or a metallic colour, are painted using only the highest quality paints and materials, and are then baked to achieve the required finish. Any imperfections found after the painting process are then removed using specialist polishing equipment. Get in touch with us to find out more..

Call Heaney Motor Co on 028 7940 1660 or 07720 899 672 for car spraying services in Maghera, Northern Ireland and across the UK.

We use Debeer waterbased paints, and have access to solvent base systems in house if needed, which means we can mix any colour or amount required. All painting is carried out in our Siaco low bake oven using SATA and Devilbiss spray guns.

In addition to painting work, we also offer affordable vehicle diagnostic services using our Star-based system and Snap-On diagnostics for clients across the UK and Northern Ireland. Contact us to find out more.